Tools for Your Practice

Update and Interim Guidance on Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus

AOHP has expanded the Tools for Your Practice section to include some great templates/forms, like Fitness for Duty – Work Clearance Signed Policy Respiratory Protection Plan for Tuberculosis, Guideline for Reporting An Employee Exposure to Transmissible Diseases New Employee Infection Prevention and Control Orientation Outline, Sample policy for workers compensation and modified duty program…etc.) shared by the AOHP Listserv Group and other resources. These will offer options when there is a need to develop a tool or enhance your current form.

Getting Started On-the-Road Workshop
This comprehensive, informative course is designed for the occupational health professional who is new to the field. It offers an overview of the essential information that the occupational health professional needs to know. Topics include providing occupational health services to the healthcare worker, assuring a safe and healthy work site, and assisting in risk management and other services for the employer. Course content is practical and up-to-date, presented by a team of experienced occupational health nurses. All workshop participants will also receive the current edition of “Getting Started” resource manual in CD format.

Respiratory Protection Resources for Occupational Health Professionals
The respiratory protection resources include new educational monograph designed to assist hospitals in implementing their respiratory protection programs, web tool kit for respiratory protection competencies for the occupational health nurse, Chick here to learn more..