AOHP Recruit Our Colleagues (ROC)

ROC someone's world!!! Recruit Our Colleagues!
Reach out and share the benefits of AOHP membership with your area colleagues.


Join the ROC Revival!

AOHP is celebrating the resurgence of our popular ROC (Recruit Our Colleagues) Campaign! The benefits you receive from being an active member of AOHP shouldn't be the best kept secret around. Tell your colleagues, and if they join our dynamic organization, the AOHP Board of Directors will reward you.

Consider these recruitment efforts:

  • Ask your Chapter President for a list of non-renewing members. Reach out to them, and encourage them to re-join.
  • Contact hospitals in your geographic area that do not have an AOHP member.
  • If you have a separate occupational health provider, talk with him/her about becoming a member of AOHP. MDs, NPs and PAs would benefit from many of our educational offerings and could also potentially be conference speakers.

Our top recruiters will earn these ROCkin' rewards:

The Whole Shebang – Awarded to the member who recruits the highest number of new members in the “Active” membership level. To be eligible, a minimum of 10 new members (Active level) must be recruited for this award, which includes:

• Free registration for the upcoming AOHP National Conference.

• Conference hotel for three nights.

• Airfare reimbursement (up to $250) from your hometown to the conference location.

• Transportation from the conference city airport to the conference hotel (up to $50).

• Free AOHP Active Membership for the following year.

Kit and Caboodle – All members who recruit 10 or more new members (Active level) but do not receive “The Whole Shebang” are awarded a free registration for the upcoming AOHP National Conference and a free AOHP Active Membership for the following year.

­­­­Half Kit and Caboodle - All members who recruit six to nine new members (Active level) earn 50% off the registration fee for the upcoming AOHP National Conference and a free AOHP Active Membership for the following year.

Caboodle - Recruit three to five new members (Active level) and receive a free AOHP Active Membership for the following year.

Feather in My Cap Recruit one or two new members and receive your choice of a Free Webinar or a Conference Syllabus CD from the AOHP Marketplace on the AOHP website.

Pie in the Sky Chapter Award - $250 awarded to the Chapter that recruits the most new members.

Every new member strengthens our organization. Participate in our ROC Revival by sharing the benefits of AOHP membership with your colleagues, and earn rewards that will benefit your practice. For more information, visit, call Headquarters at 800-362-4347, or email

***In order to count as your recruit, new members must list your name as their recruiter when completing their AOHP Membership Application!

Click here to learn how to join.

ROC Rules:

  • The campaign is for current members only.
  • The campaign will run annually from July 1 through June 30.
  • A recruit is defined as a person joining AOHP who is not currently a member.
  • Current members may not be counted as recruits. Former members whose memberships have lapsed for one or more renewal periods may be counted as recruits.
  • To count as a recruit for ROC contest purposes, the new member must clearly indicate AT THE TIME OF JOINING AOHP the name of the referring/recruiting AOHP member.
  • To count as a recruit for the current ROC contest period, AOHP membership dues payment must be received in full by AOHP Headquarters no later than 11:59 PM EST on June 30.
  • Awards may only be used by the AOHP members who win them and are not transferrable.
  • Winners will be notified by July 15 following the June 30 deadline of the current campaign year.
  • Prizes that include a National Conference Registration and other conference-related awards (airfare, hotel and transportation) must be applied to the next scheduled AOHP National Conference.
  • Awards that include a free AOHP Active Membership are not transferrable and must be used for the upcoming membership renewal period.

Tools to Help You Spread the Word about AOHP

Whether you are communicating our value to management within your organization or you are trying to recruit a colleague, AOHP has tools to help you to clearly and concisely tell others about AOHP. We term this our “elevator speech.” AOHP printable business card templates and post card templates are available for your use.

AOHP Talking Point
AOHP Elevator Speech – Business Cards 
AOHP Elevator Post Card
ROC Flyer