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How to Join

If you would like to have the extensive resources of AOHP available for your professional career advancement and support, please download the membership application, or complete the application online. Yearly membership (March 1 to last day of February) is $150.00, and is billable to your credit card.

New members can join between Sept 1 to Nov 30 for $90.00 with membership expired on last day of February in the following year.

Special announcement:
AOHP has shifted its fiscal year for association membership to run from March 1 through the last day of February. The previous schedule required dues payable by December 31 instead of March 1. This decision was recently presented as a proposed by-laws change by the Board of Directors in response to member concerns about the number of memberships and certifications that require renewal at the end of the calendar year. It was approved by a vote of the membership in late January. By moving AOHP's association membership renewal date to March 1, the Board of Directors intends to ease some inevitable end-of-year stress and financial burden by providing members the first two months of each new year to renew their AOHP membership.  

New members: if you join before September 1, the membership dues is $150, your membership will expire on last day of February. If you join between September 1 and November 30, membership dues is $90 and the membership will expire on last day of February. 


In addition to the standard Active membership, we also offer Student and Retired options.






Active members may vote and hold AOHP Office.

Active (Half- Year)


Join between Sept 1 and Nov 30 with membership expired on last day of February. 



Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credit hours related to occupational health and send a copy of student ID and information of enrollment to or fax to 724-935-1560. Student members hold a non-voting status and may not hold office.



Previously active AOHP member; now non-working and retired. Retired members hold a non-voting status and may not hold office.

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