Ann Stinson President’s Award for Association Excellence

Anne Stinson was a dynamic and outgoing individual. She didn’t see herself as a leader but served as the third president of AOHP until the time of her death. She was kind, nurturing, and supportive. She had a wonderful spirit and was very knowledgeable.


To recognize a chapter which has demonstrated outstanding performance and enhanced the image of employee health professionals.

Active Association chapter for a minimum of two years.

1. The chapter president shall apply to the executive vice president, utilizing the approved application form. Chapter president will send application to Headquarters; Headquarters will forward to executive vice president.
2. Applications must be received by July 1st of each year.
3. The executive vice president and two other board members appointed by the executive president shall evaluate all applications utilizing the approved President’s Award Evaluation Instrument. The executive vice president coordinates this approval process.
4. To be eligible for this award, the chapter must have a full slate of executive chapter officers, one member must be serving on a national committee (in addition to finance committee) and current bylaws filed with Headquarters. The chapter must be meeting according to bylaws.
5. Application should have total score over 8 to receive the award. If more than one application is received, the one receiving the highest total averaged score will receive the award.
6. The chapter recipient shall be awarded $250.00 and a certificate of appreciation at the annual conference.

Download Scholarship Award Application

Include information for current year and year prior to application. Please submit (typed) the following material with the application form:

1. Include information for current year and year prior to application. Please submit (typed) the following material with the application form:
2. List all chapter goals, objectives and achievement status. Minimum of two required.
3. List chapter members who have published in The Journal of the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare and electronic newsletter. Include article title and publication date.
4. List chapter members who have published in other professional journals, textbooks, etc. Include title and publication source.
5. List chapter members who have presented papers, posters, etc. at non AOHP sponsored conferences.
6. List chapter members who have presented papers, posters, etc. at AOHP national conferences.
7. List chapter members who have served as a speaker for AOHP sponsored conferences.
8. List chapter members who are current chapter officers, have held executive board office, or other AOHP sponsored task forces and activities. (Member contributions through service in national offices, task forces, national committees, or other AOHP activities: has a national officer or member on a national committee (except for finance). Must have full slate of elected chapter officers, current bylaws file with Headquarters. Must be meeting according to bylaws or is disqualified.)
9. List other chapter or member activities indicative of chapter excellence.
10. Submit form to AOHP Headquarters via email All applications will be sent to the executive vice president by Headquarters.

Award Recipients
1992 - Georgia Chapter
1993 - Midwest States Chapter
1994 - Pennsylvania Chapter
1995 - No award
1996 - No award
1997 - Northern California Chapter
1998 - Midwest States Chapter
1999 - No award
2000 - No award
2001 - Northern California Chapter
2002 - No award
2003 - Southern California Chapter
2004 - Michigan Chapter
2005 - Illinois Chapter
2006 - No award
2007 - Northern California Chapter
2008 - Northern California Chapter and Michigan Chapter
2009 - Colorado Chapter
2010 - No award
2011 - Illinois Chapter
2012 - North Carolina Chapter
2013 - Pacific Northwest Chapter
2014 - Pacific Northwest Chapter
2015 - Pacific Northwest Chapter
2016 - Northern California Chapter
2017 - No Award
2018 - Northern California Chapter
2019 - Pacific Northwest Chapter
2020 - North Carolina Chapter
2021 - Northeast Chapter
2022 - No Award
2023 - Southwest Chapter