Celebrate National Occupational Health Providers’ Recognition in April

Every year, AOHP dedicates April to recognize the important contributions of occupational health professionals. Not only do occupational health professionals take responsibility for employee care, but they have a responsibility to advocate for organizational policies that help to recognize occupational hazards and for new and safe technologies. AOHP raises awareness of these imperative contributions each spring.

In observance of national occupational health providers’ recognition weeks this spring, AOHP is pleased to provide you with the poster. 

We send this poster as a member benefit to acknowledge your role in caring for healthcare personnel and to demonstrate your various roles, including educator, clinician, case manager, researcher, and manager. Display this poster in a prominent area in your healthcare facility. The poster will help your efforts to make others in your organizations aware of the good work performed by occupational health professionals in keeping healthcare personnel healthy and safe, which ensures higher quality care for patients.

•  Please display this calendar in your clinic or in a prominent area in your healthcare facility.
• Use the poster to acknowledge this special month, which honor all occupational health professionals, and to recognize all year the vital work you do to promote a safe and healthy workforce, which ensures higher quality care for patients.      
•  This correspondence markets you and your department’s role in keeping your organization’s employees healthy and safe at work. 

Additional AOHP poster can be downloaded from our website and printed on letter-size paper or as a larger size poster. You may purchase extra copies of the poster for $5 each by contacting AOHP Headquarters at info@aohp.org .

Download Letter Size Poster

Download Larger Size Poster

AOHP has also enclosed a letter for our members to forward to their CEO/Administrator to promote the role of occupational health professional(s) in their organization. This correspondence can be used to market our member and their department’s role in keeping their healthcare personnel healthy and safe at work. Many members have hand delivered this letter or sent it to their CEO via their administrator.

Occupational Health Nursing Week is April 11-17, 2021
North American Occupational Safety & Health Week is May 2-8, 2021

North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

Each year, during North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week, thousands of individuals and organizations across North America join together to raise awareness about the importance of preventing injuries and illnesses at work. NAOSH week runs from Sunday through Saturday the first full week in May.

NAOSH Week presents an excellent opportunity to focus, reinforce, and strengthen commitment to occupational safety and health. Participation and involvement in NAOSH Week has been shown to:

  • improve attitudes towards safety
  • increase understanding of the importance of occupational health and safety
  • foster a safety-minded culture
  • increase cooperation and
  • raise awareness about occupational safety issues

You can also visit the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week web page at https://foh.psc.gov/calendar/naosh   for ideas on how to celebrate, and you can post your events related to the weeklong celebration on the NAOSH website.