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AOHP hosts an electronic Discussion Email List Service for its members. This service is a free benefit of your membership in AOHP. The purpose of the AOHP Listserv is to facilitate discussions among AOHP members. By joining, you will be able to connect with your colleagues across the nation via email to share best practices and dialogue about the challenges and successes of working in occupational health in the healthcare setting. Subscribe now to communicate with fellow members via email, change your subscription format and access archived posts.

Joining the AOHP Listserv 
This Listserv is for AOHP members only. You must subscribe to be included, even if you were a member of the previous AOHP Listserv. Please click here to access the subscription form. All requests are subject to approval. You will receive an email confirmation of your request.

The content of messages posted to the Listserv should be practice-related only. The Listserv should not be used for association business or personal matters. When you send or reply to the AOHP Listserv, you MUST include your name, phone, email address, organization name, city and state on the message.

Please refrain from sending inappropriate messages to the email lists. This includes messages that: 

·       Conflict with AOHP’s policy.

·       Contain insulting and/or unprofessional language. 

·       Blatantly promote a product/service. 


Failure to do so may result in your removal from the email list. For more information, please contact AOHP Headquarters at


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