Honorary Membership - for member

Purpose:The purpose of this award is to recognize a person that has demonstrated outstanding performance and enhanced the image of Occupational Health professionals in the healthcare setting.  This category is a means of recognizing and thanking long-time Association members for their contributions to the field as well as a means of keeping a valuable resource of experience and expertise available to the members of AOHP.  This program is designed to celebrate this dedication and commitment by allowing AOHP members to pledge their talents and support for five (5) years post-retirement.

Benefits of Honorary Membership:

  • Annual membership dues are complimentary.
  • Attend conferences at a reduced rate or nominal fee.
  • Remain as part of the active membership database.
  • Receive all AOHP mailings and e-mail messages; Journal, E-Bytes, ListServ.
  • Will be recognized at the annual conference yearly.
  • Will be provided with a letter/certificate indicating their new status.
  • Individuals have all membership benefits excluding holding office and voting.

Qualifications for Honorary Membership:

  • An individual who has been an AOHP member for the last 10 years.
  • An individual who has made significant contributions to AOHP and the overall profession.
  • An individual who has occupied a responsible position in AOHP instruction, research or practice or has demonstrated professional interest in Occupational Health Nursing Education. 
  • To be considered as an educator a candidate must:
    • Be employed full time in an accredited institution of higher learning.
    • Be regarded as having made significant contributions to the profession.
    • Be engaged in the profession outside of the academic environment.

Nomination Process:

  1. A letter of nomination from an AOHP member in good standing submitted to the AOHP Board
  2. The nomination letter must include:
    1. Nominee’s employment history
    2. Employer
    3. Job titles
    4. Years as a member of AOHP (Year to year)
    5. Leadership positions held in AOHP.
    6. Significant or noteworthy contributions to AOHP and the overall profession.
    7. Additional Comments indicative of honorary membership qualifications.
  3. AOHP member recommending the nominee.
    1. Name
    2. Region
    3. Member or Chapter Officer. 
    4. Phone & email where you can be reached.

Selection Process:

Recommendations for Honorary Membership for member are submitted to AOHP Headquarters or AOHP Vice President.

  • The Board of Directors shall review nominations for Honorary Membership
  • In accordance with the bylaws, the awarding of Honorary Membership is dependent upon three-quarters of the Board of Directors voting in favor of bestowing Honorary Membership. 

Honorary Membership Award Recipients
2017 - MaryAnn Gruden, MSN, CRNP, NP-C, COHN-S/CM
2019 - Linda Good, PhD, RN, COHN-S