Winter 2015 Journal Summary Abstracts

Organization Leadership
Organization Leadership is a standing Journal column highlighting current hot topics. In this issue, Executive President Dee Tyler, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN, provides a review of HealthLeaders Media Daily's 11 Healthcare Buzzwords for 2015 and how these terms can be applied to the practice of occupational health.

Vice President's Update
AOHP Vice President Dana Jennings Tucker, BSN, RN, CCM, presents an article written by AOHP member Stephen Burt, MFA, BS, that provides information and insight regarding temporary workers. OSHA and NIOSH Release Recommendations for Protecting Temporary Workers answers questions about who is responsible for compliance with OSHA when temporary workers are involved and how to provide proper safety and health protections for these workers.

Editor’s Column
This standard feature provides commentary from the current Journal Editor, Kim Stanchfield, RN, COHN-S. In this issue, she reflects on the value of good communication skills and the benefits of occupational health professionals providing effective communication to employees.

Association Community Liaison Report
Through this regular Journal article, MaryAnn Gruden, MSN, CRNP, NP-C, COHN-S/CM, details how AOHP is gaining visibility as an expert regarding occupational health issues. In this edition, she reviews: OSHA's revised requirements for reporting fatalities and severe illnesses/injuries; recently released information from CDC, OSHA, AOHP and other trusted sources on Ebola; and NIOSH's updated list of antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs.

Ebola: A Frightening Consequence of Unsafe Injections and Needlestick Injuries
With the emergence of the Ebola epidemic in Africa, article author Ron Stoker, MS, Executive Director of the International Sharps Injury Prevention Society, reviews the importance of protecting frontline healthcare workers by applying standard measures of precautions in all healthcare facilities and encouraging safe phlebotomy practices to prevent needlesticks and other sharps injuries. He stresses the importance of minimizing the potential of sharps injuries by using passive or semi-passive automated retraction safety devices, which dramatically decrease needlestick injuries and the risk of reuse.

Advances in Technology
This regular Journal column provides readers with helpful information about current technological advances that have the potential to improve the work of occupational health professionals. Column editor Cindy Brumley, RN, presents a discussion of "innovation disruption" in healthcare. She explores how innovation in any industry drives change, and how today's occupational health professionals can identify creative ways to better connect with employees to meet unmet needs and ultimately improve patient care.

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