Executive Secretary

Position: Executive Secretary
Responsible To Executive President

POSITION SUMMARY:The Executive Secretary assures current and historical written records of the association are maintained by the Executive Director, is able to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position, and provides support for association initiatives and strategic planning.

Qualifications: An active  member of AOHP for at least four years, unless waived by the Executive President; employed in the specialty of occupational health in healthcare; interest and/or experience in continuing education; access to clerical and/or computer support; and an employee health role model for the association. 

Term of Office:The Executive Secretary will be elected by a vote of the membership at large to serve a term of two years and is eligible to serve a maximum of two consecutive full terms upon successful re-election by the membership at the conclusion of the first term of office. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

1.     Assists Headquarters with the recording and review of minutes of annual association meeting and Executive Board of Directors meetings.
2.     Assists Headquarters to ensure the distribution of minutes to the Executive Board of Directors within thirty (30) days of meeting dates.
3.     Assures the retention of historical records of the association by AOHP Headquarters.
4.     Assists with Executive Board of Directors' correspondence when necessary.
5.     Notifies the membership by mail or Journal announcement of annual or special meetings no less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of each meeting.
6.     Coordinates with the Executive Director to include the proposed bylaw amendments in the ballot for voting to all active members, and assures outcomes are communicated to the members during the annual association meeting. Updated bylaws will be posted on the AOHP website, in addition to an announcement in E-bytes, after the annual association meeting.
7.     Assists the Continuing Education Chair in administering continuing education credits. Serves as a member of the Planning Committee for Continuing Education as needed.
8.     Reviews/revises/updates Executive Board Manual every two years (on odd years) and as needed.
9.     Reviews/revises/updates AOHP bylaws every year and as needed.
10.  Review/revises/updates membership brochure as needed.
11.  Orients and acts as a mentor to the incoming Executive Secretary.
·       Reviews the current job description with the incoming Executive Secretary.
·       Discusses each of the job duties with the incoming Executive Secretary, and assures that any questions or concerns are answered.
·       Provides sample documents for specific job duties as requested by the incoming Executive Secretary.
12.  Writes Recruit Our Colleagues “ROC” announcement for Journal and quarterly e-newsletter.
13.  Performs all job duties as described.
14.  If at any time during the term of office, the Executive Secretary does not feel that he/she can perform certain job duties, he/she should notify the Executive President in writing the specifics of any concerns. The Executive President or other appointed Board member will work with the Executive Secretary on a potential resolution.

15.  The Executive Secretary, and any other Board members, are not permitted to miss more than two meetings per year, barring any emergencies. For any member to be excused from a specified Board meeting, she/he must notify the Board and arrange for a proxy. The absent Board member will specifically name a non-voting member to whom the proxy is assigned. A no-show without prior notification is defined as an unexcused absence. Officers are responsible for all duties noted in respective job descriptions.