Community Liaison

Position:  Community Liaison
Responsible to: Executive President

The Community Liaison will serve as the facilitator to accomplish the strategic imperatives/priorities of AOHP with regard to increased national name recognition; collaborative efforts with governmental agencies; other professional associations with common interests and with the healthcare community at large. This position is a non-voting member of the Executive Board of Directors.

The Community Liaison will report directly to the AOHP Executive President and will take direction from the Executive Board as to the identified processes to implement the strategic plan. The Community Liaison will also collaborate with association committees on special projects as needed.

An active AOHP member for at least four years, unless waived by the Executive President; actively employed in the specialty of occupational health in healthcare; articulate and knowledgeable with regard to the issues that face the discipline and the association. Demonstrates ability to problem-solve while developing creative approaches for the accomplishment the association’s strategic plan. Demonstrates excellent written and verbal communication skills and critical thinking skills. Committed to working within established timelines.

Term of office
Selection: This part-time position will be posted for applicants and reviewed by the Executive Board. The Community Liaison will be appointed by the Executive President and is subject to approval by the Executive Board. The Community Liaison will be asked to commit to a yearly appointment. The position will be reviewed at the point of a vacancy.

Compensation:  The AOHP member who holds this position will be compensated with a stipend as determined by the Board of Directors. 

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Identifies, with Executive Board input, the key government agencies and associations that are to be contacted, and formulates an action plan to contact and develop collaborative efforts.
2. Provides input into the quarterly electronic membership newsletter and writes a report for the association’s quarterly Journal.
3. Represents the association at various government activities when the Executive President is not able to attend, including providing testimony and public policy comments.
4. Drafts position statements for identified areas of specialty practice in a timely and accurate fashion.
5. Serves as ad hoc member of the Government Affairs Committee, and assists with special projects as indicated.
6. Provides input into the revision of the Getting Started Manual.
7. Submits semi-annual written report to the Executive Board by the end of the month prior to the semi-annual Executive Board meeting.
8. Serves as public speaker for the association at various government and professional meetings.
9. Orients and acts as a mentor to the incoming Community Liaison.
• Reviews the current job description with the incoming Community Liaison.
• Discusses each of the job duties with the incoming Community Liaison, and assures that any questions and/or concerns are addressed.
• Provides sample documents for specific job duties as requested by the incoming Community Liaison.
10. It is the responsibility of the Community Liaison to perform all of the job duties as described.
11.If at any time during the term of office, the Community Liaison does not feel that he/she can perform certain job duties, he/she should notify the Executive President in writing of the specific area/s of concern. The Executive President or other appointed Board member will work with the Community Liaison on a potential resolution.
12. The Community Liaison, and any other Board members, are not permitted to miss more than two meetings per year, barring any emergencies. For any member to be excused from a specified Board meeting, she/he must notify the Board and arrange for a proxy. The absent Board member will specifically name a non-voting member to whom the proxy is assigned. A no-show without prior notification is defined as an unexcused absence.  Officers are responsible for all duties noted in respective job descriptions.