Summary Abstracts
Spring 2018 Journal

Annual Treasurer's Report
Dana Jennings, RN, BSN, CCM, AOHP Executive Treasurer, shares the results of AOHP’s financial review completed for the year ending December 31, 2017, with an explanation of how AOHP strives to maintain financial stability. An overview of the organization’s financial position for 2017, including a summary of income and expenses, is explained with pie charts. 

Staying Current on Government Affairs
In his Journal column, Stephen Burt, MFA, BS, AOHP Government Affairs Committee Chair, provides analysis of recent government affairs activities. For this issue, he examines the impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) on the ability of employers to collect employee health information and the important role the Occupational Health Department has in this process to protect personal information. 

Editor’s Column
This standard feature provides commentary from the current Journal Editor, Kim Stanchfield, RN, COHN-S. In this issue, she discusses the importance of communicating directly with staff regarding immunization status and health concerns after exposure incidents. She reminds readers that occupational health professionals have the knowledge and experience to reassure healthcare workers during these types of stressful experiences. 

Association Community Liaison Report
This regular Journal article details how AOHP is gaining visibility as an expert regarding occupational health issues. In this edition, author Bobbi Jo Hurst, BSN, RN, MBA, COHN-S, SGE, reviews the importance of improved immunization rates in response to growing outbreaks of vaccine preventable communicable diseases. She also provides information about tuberculosis and workplace violence guidelines, and upcoming recognition days/weeks/months on the OSHA calendar. NIOSH updates include study results on hearing loss in healthcare, Total Worker Health initiatives, and work from the Centers for Excellence. 

Perspectives in Healthcare Safety
Cory Worden, MS, CSHM, CSP, CHSP, ARM, REM, CESCO, shares his insights on safety in healthcare in this standing column. This issue's feature - The Pragmatic Development of Actionable Processes to Reach High-Reliability Goals - reviews the most effective qualities of high-reliability organizations and how to operationalize high-reliability theory to promote safety and effectiveness in real-world, daily functions.