The Annual EXPO-S.T.O.P. 2019-2020 Survey (Exposure Survey of Trends in Occupational Practice) are now open! 
This survey is sponsored by Daniels Health.

For EXPO-S.T.O.P. data continuity, your data for both years is very valuable.

Just 15 Q’s for each year’s sharps injury (SI) & mucocutaneous exposure (MCE) data.

All responses are confidential. No organization is identified without their permission.

EXPO-S.T.O.P. is a valued international database. It enables participants to implement evidence-based strategies to prevent exposure incidents and benchmark their SI and MCE against similar facilities. 

Covid is overwhelming - your data enables impact on BBFE risk to be examined

All responses are confidential. No organization is identified without permission.

Here is what we thought might help you participate…

  • We have reduced survey to a bare minimum 9 Q’s (see below)
  • We will take your data in ANY format easy for you - Word, Excel, email, Access
  • We will keep survey open
  • All participants are eligible for Free Conference Registration Draw

Anything else can we do to help receive your data? – please email Gini or Terry.

Here are the 9 basic Q’s (with original numbering):

Q2. Are you a Teaching Hospital: Yes / No

Q4. Number of hospitals included in data: 2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________

Q5. Annual average daily overnight inpatient census 2019__________, 2020__________.

          Note: Average daily overnight inpatient census is less than "staffed beds" and is not “adjusted daily census”.

Q6. Annual average Full Time Equivalents (FTE) for all staff: 2019:__________, 2020­­­­:_________.   

Note. FTE is not “head count”. FTE = total hours worked by all employees (all roles, all sites & satellites) in year (from OSHA 300 log) divided by 2000 – from Finance, HR or Worker’s Comp.)

Q7. Annual average nursing FTE: 2019____________, 2020____________.

        (RN, LPN/LVN - all roles clinical/non-clinical, all sites & satellites. Note: total nursing FTE = total hours worked by nursing staff divided by 2000 - from Finance or HR.)

Q9. Total numbers of sharps Injuries reported to you:  2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________. (employees, non-employees and all sources (all sites i.e. main campus + satellites)

Q10. Total number of mucocutaneous exposures reported: 2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________. (employees, non-employees and all sources (main campus + satellites)

Q12. Total sharp injuries reported by nurses:  2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________.

             (e.g. RN, LPN/LVN, in all roles, all sites--excludes students)

Q15. In which State are your facilities located:___________

Contact name:_________________________ Contact email:____________________________

Your email address insures you receive the summarized results to enable benchmarking.

Questions? Email or

Please join us in this great AOHP initiative - your initiative, helping our staff work in a safe environment.

Thank you for participating!

This survey is sponsored by Daniels Health.

Survey Resolt Report is free to AOHP members. Please log in to access to this page. Non AOHP members can order survey result, please download order form here.