The Annual EXPO-S.T.O.P. 2019-2020 Survey (Exposure Survey of Trends in Occupational Practice) are now open! 
This survey is sponsored by Daniels Health.

For EXPO-S.T.O.P. data continuity, your data for both years is very valuable.

Just 15 Q’s for each year’s sharps injury (SI) & mucocutaneous exposure (MCE) data.

All responses are confidential. No organization is identified without their permission.

EXPO-S.T.O.P. is a valued international database. It enables participants to implement evidence-based strategies to prevent exposure incidents and benchmark their SI and MCE against similar facilities. 

Particularly for this survey, we need many hospitals to participate to help discern Covid impact

Note. If you are a multiple-hospital system, we truly value each hospital’s data submitted separately.

AOHP has now engaged the International Safety Center (ISC) for EXPO-S.T.O.P. and Ginger Parker (ISC) will conduct data collection and collation. ISC will use a new data collection format (Microsoft Access) to make data entry and retrieval easier. Terry Grimmond will assist with transition & publication.

2 ways to get started:

1. The Access form (enter data directly on screen).
Hospital firewalls commonly block Access docs (i.e. docs ending with file-extension “.accdb”) so to obtain the Access form just send an “Access form” request to Ginger using your personal email address. This is our preferred option.

2. Survey Q’s in Word doc.
If you wish to email your two data-years to Ginger in a Word doc, download survey form here.

Entering 2019 and 2020 data separately

  • Access form – use drop-down box at top to select 2019 and enter 2019 data. When complete click “Add additional record” and select 2020 in drop-down box and enter 2020 data.
  • Word form - the years are highlighted yellow at top -  circle 2019 and enter 2019 data. Using separate form, circle 2020 and enter 2020 data. Email both years to Ginger.

ISC will acknowledge receipt of your forms within 3 days - if you do not hear, let Ginger know!

Confidentiality Note. If you do not wish to enter your hospital’s name, you can insert a unique identifier of your choice (letter, number or combination you create). Both are DELETED once ISC assigns a random identifier to your data. Note. Your identifier needs be same for 2019 & 2020; each hospital submitted needs own name or unique identifier.

Providing your email address will insure you receive the summarized results which will enable you to compare your hospital’s performance with survey hospitals similar in size and teaching status.

WIN A FREE 2022 AOHP CONFERENCE REGISTRATION if you submit by Sept 24, 2021.

One entry for each individual hospital submitting 2019 & 2020 data.

Please join us in this great AOHP initiative - your initiative, helping our staff work in a safe environment.

Contact: Ginger for help with forms or survey 434-962-3470 (ET)
Or Terry for help on questions or definitions

Thank you for participating!


Survey Resolt Report is free to AOHP members. Please log in to access to this page. Non AOHP members can order survey result, please download order form here.