We hope your workload has eased – may we ask again for your data.

EXPO-S.T.O.P. 2019 & 2020 Survey for Hospitals

This 2-year survey enables Covid impact on BBFE risk to be examined.

All answers are for Calendar year and All responses are confidential.

Q1. Is your hospital a teaching hospital?  Yes / No
      (Affiliated with a medical school as education site for medical students, interns, residents)

Q2. Number of hospitals included in data: 2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________
       (NB. separate form per hospital is preferred – if you are able to do this, please name Hospital on form
        so we can allocate a unique identifier. Once identifier is allocated, hospital name is deleted.)

Q3. Total numbers of sharps Injuries reported to you:  2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________.  
(employees, non-employees and all sources, all sites i.e. main campus + satellites)

Q4. Total number of mucocutaneous exposures reported: 2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________.
(employees, non-employees and all sources i.e. main campus + satellites)

Q5. Total sharp injuries in surgical procedures:  2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________.
       (i.e. OR + Procedure Rooms + Labor & Delivery + Dental surg)

Q6. Total sharp injuries reported by nurses:  2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________.
       (e.g. RN, LPN/LVN, in all roles, all sites - excludes students)

Q7. Total sharp injuries reported by Doctors:  2019:_____________, 2020­­­­­­:___________.
       (includes employees and non-employees - excludes students)

Q8. Annual average daily overnight inpatient census 2019__________, 2020__________.
       Note: Average daily overnight inpatient census is less than "staffed beds" and is not “adjusted daily census”.

Q9. Annual average Full Time Equivalents (FTE) for all staff: 2019:__________, 2020­­­­:_________.   
       Note. FTE is not “head count”. FTE = total hours worked by all employees (all roles, all sites & satellites)
       in year divided by 2000. Total Hrs usually availilbe from Finance, HR or Worker’s Comp.)

Q10. Annual average nursing FTE: 2019____________, 2020____________.
        (RN, LPN/LVN - all roles clinical/non-clinical, all sites & satellites. Note: total nursing FTE = total hours
          worked by nursing staff divided by 2000 - from Finance or HR.)

Q11. In which State are your facilities located:___________

Contact name:_________________________ Contact email:____________________________

(We need your email address in case we need clarify an answer with you – and to forward you results!)

Please join us in this great AOHP initiative – your initiative, helping our staff work in a safe environment.

Questions? Email ginger.parker@internationalsafetycenter.org or terry@terrygrimmond.com

Thank you!

This survey is sponsored by Daniels Health.

Survey Result Report is free to AOHP members.
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