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AOHP Executive Board Accomplishments 2017

Association Business

  • Adopted new mission and vision statements, recognizing the values and philosophy of the membership, to clarify the organization’s intended direction and provide a roadmap for the future
  • Developed the 2018-2020 AOHP Strategic Plan, analogous to SMART goals, to be meaningful and manageable in continuing to move the organization forward
  • Moved the membership expiry date to the last day of February
  • Completed the Staffing Benchmarking Survey and shared results with members
  • Launched AOHP Insights, a new resource platform providing a wide range of occupational health resources to enhance member knowledge at every level of practice
  • Analyzed and compiled results for the EXPO-S.T.O.P. 2015 and 2016 Survey
  • Revised content in the 2016 Getting Started Manual
  • Sent a representative to the NFID Healthcare Personnel Immunization Summit
  • Signed a Memorandum of Agreement designating AOHP a NIOSH Total Worker Health® Affiliate.
  • Provided public comments to OSHA regarding Workplace Violence
  • Drafted a Position Statement on Workplace Violence
  • Released the 2017-2019 Public Policy Statement


Chapter Support

  • Collaborated with chapter leadership to maintain bylaw and leadership compliance
  • Cultivated high attendance for Chapter President quarterly conference calls
  • Offered Chapter Leadership Incentives to encourage chapter officers to attend the AOHP conference


Research Initiatives

  • Collected AOHP signature EXPO-S.T.O.P. survey data for year 2016



  • Joined an OSHA workgroup, with Friends of NIOSH and TJC, to develop and enforce a Safe Patient Handling Standard
  • Collaborated with NTCA in organizing a workgroup to develop recommendations for TB risk-based screening and prevention efforts
  • Renewed the Memorandum of Understanding with NIOSH
  • Participated on the TJC/CDC/NIOSH Technical Expert Panel to prepare a monograph on effective respiratory protection programs in hospitals
  • Participated in CDC/NIOSH quarterly meetings
  • Signed the Friends of NIOSH letter in support of funding Education and Research Centers
  • Provided continued support, since 2008, for the Cardiometabolic Health Congress Association
  • Represented AOHP at the SEAK Workers’ Compensation Conference
  • Served as a partner/sponsor of NIOSH N95 Day 2017
  • Promoted the inaugural Safe + Sound Week
  • Supported the Impact of Patient Safety Climate on Infection Prevention Practices and Healthcare Worker and Patient Outcomes Study
  • Represented AOHP on the American Nurses Association Sharps Injury Prevention Stakeholder Group
  • Participated in the TJC Department of Health Services Research Project, supported through a contract with the CDC, NIOSH, NPPTL, on Hospital Respiratory Protection Resources and Practices 
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