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AOHP Executive Board Accomplishments 2016

Association Business
• The 2015-2017 AOHP Strategic Plan is complete. 25% of the goals have been accomplished. The remaining action items will be actively worked on by 4 Strategic Initiative Work Groups in the next few years.
• AOHP worked with Quinnipiac University MBA class on Digital marketing - to help students to work with real businesses to develop an Internet marketing plan. A digital marketing plan was developed and executed.
• AOHP commissioned a researcher and statistician from University of Colorado to analyze and compile results for Staffing Benchmarking Survey.
• Switched to new Listserv system to offer members convenient way to access archived questions
• Terry Grimmond and Linda Good will analyze results for EXPO S.T.O.P. 2015 Survey
• Revision of Getting Started Manual 2016
• The Association submitted public comments on the:
   o Federal Register Notice regarding Respiratory Protective Devices (RPDs) used in healthcare
   o Draft 2015 OSHA Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines. 
   o Proposed study: “Monitoring and Coordinating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Healthcare to Enhance Domestic Preparedness for Ebola Response
• Mary Bliss and Dee Tyler presented Getting Started Workshop in Japan
• MaryAnn Gruden provided a testimonial for NIOSH Occupational Health and Safety Network

Chapter Support
• The AOHP Executive Board partnered with chapter leadership to maintain bylaw and leadership compliance.
• Chapter President quarterly conference calls have been well attended.
• AOHP continues to offer the Chapter leadership incentive program. Chapter officers will receive 50% discount rate to attend annual AOHP conference.

Research Initiatives
• The AOHP signature EXPO-S.T.O.P. survey data was collected for the year 2015.
• Launched of Staffing Benchmarking Survey

• Mary Bliss joined The Joint Commission Nursing Advisory Council as the new representative for AOHP
• AOHP joined the Health Care Association Forum
• Joined the OSHA workgroup, with Friends of NIOSH and TJC to develop and enforce a Safe Patient Handling standard
• Developed and reviewed Do’s and Don’ts of surgical masks and N95 Respirators along with APIC’s Practice Guidance and Communications Committee 
• Collaborated with National Tuberculosis Controllers Association (NTCA) to organize a workgroup of interested stakeholders to discuss developing recommendations for risk-based screening that focuses on individual healthcare workers rather than institutions and improving TB prevention among those who are infected
• Renewed Memorandum of Understanding with NIOSH
• Board members participate in CDC/NIOSH quarterly meetings.
• Signed the Friend of NIOSH letter in support of funding Education and Research Centers.
• Continued support (since 2008) for the Cardiometabolic Health Congress Association.
• Kim Stanchfield represented AOHP at SEAK Workers’ Compensation Conference 
• AOHP nominated Bobbi Jo Hurst to serve on National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health in the category of occupational health professional representative
• Denise Knoblauch represented AOHP at the Health Care Association Forum 
• Became a partner/sponsor of NIOSH N95 Day 2016

Professional Development
• AOHP live and archived webinars were made available online
• AOHP leadership was interviewed by Hospital Infection Control & Prevention
• Free webinars were offered to members
• Published of EXPO S.T.O.P. 2013 & 2014 survey results in AOHP Journal
• Published of 2015 Membership survey & needs assessment in AOHP Journal
• Respiratory Protection Toolkit link on AOHP Web site.
• UL EHS Sustainability Professional Development Scholarship available for 2016 Conference Main Conference Registration and hotel nights

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